We are an exciting brand new Regional Adoption Agency based in the Tees Valley in the North East of England. The service will be live in May 2018. We have taken an innovative approach to the development of our service which has been co-created with the involvement of a wide range of stakeholders including the staff and Adopters.

All our staff will be co-located into a stand-alone building which is ideal for the delivery of services, providing a professional image for Adoption Tees Valley.

Who we are

Adoption Tees Valley is the new Adoption Service for:

  • Darlington Borough Council
  • Hartlepool Borough Council
  • Middlesbrough Council
  • Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council
  • Stockton Borough Council

We have established the service on a Lead Authority / Hosted model and Stockton-On-Tees Borough Council is the host authority. All the staff in Adoption Tees Valley will be employed by Stockton-On-Tees Borough Council.

To ensure stability of the service the budget has been set for the next three years. This gives plenty of time for the service to develop and thrive and recognises the challenges of the initial twelve months of a new service.


Whilst the service will be hosted by Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, in reality it will have its own brand and image and the leadership for the service will come from the Adoption Tees Valley Board and the Service Manager.

The Service Manager along with her team will develop the ethos and culture of the organisation. Putting Adopters and Children at the heart of everything they do. We are aspiring for excellence in service delivery and expect the Voice of the Customer and key stakeholders (including the Voluntary Adoption Agencies) to be paramount in everything we do.

Working in Partnership

Here in the Tees Valley, we have a history of successful partnership working across a number of service areas including Children’s Services. Council Members, Chief Executives and Directors across all five Councils meet regularly to shape the Tees Valley and they provide support for partnership working at all levels.

A successful devolution deal for the Tees Valley Combined Authority was approved in April 2016. For more information about the exciting things the Tees Valley has to offer please click on the link above.

The Adoption Tees Valley team will work very closely with all five Councils Children Social Care teams to ensure the best possible outcomes for Children and Young People for whom the plan is Adoption. There will be regular meetings and planning opportunities.

Adoption Tees Valley will also be a key partner in Regional networks such as the North East Adoption Leadership Board and the North East Consortium. These meetings will also provide opportunities to continue to good working relationships with other Regional Adoption Agencies in the North East and the Voluntary Adoption Agencies who also play a major role in shaping Adoption in the North East.

Location of the Service

We have identified a stand-alone building at Grangefield Academy in Stockton as the location for the service. It will be branded as Adoption Tees Valley and is an ideal building for the staff as well as a great venue for meetings, training events and Panel meetings.